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The Silver lining is being released 6/18/15 through Hot Ink Press!


The media spread my face nationwide on every newspaper known to man when the story first broke. It read- James King. son of wealthy, ambitious hotel owner, Victoria King, busted for cocaine possession.
Let’s be honest. I’ve always been a rebel, a little rough around the edges. The black sheep of the family. The outcast. No one ever thought twice about me, not even when I was arrested. The only thing was, I didn’t really do it, but I served time for the crime.
Today my freedom was granted to me. I was permitted to leave this prison that I had lived in for the last sixteen months. The guards opened my cell, grinned and told me I could finally go back home. Home? See, it wouldn’t be my home. It would be her home. I had no home of my own anymore. Funny thing about being locked up, was that you lose everything, including yourself. You no longer exist to the outside world. You’re transparent, at least that’s how I felt until I met Emily. She was kind, and in my world people like her were far and few between. I was drawn to her like a magnet. I wanted her, but I’d kill myself trying to get her because she was damaged. I just didn’t know it yet.  



“You still want to play this game?”

“What game?”

 “The game where you act like you don’t like me, you know the one where you pretend you don’t want me, so that you can keep that barricade of yours up. You know the one with the big sign, that says I don’t want to fall in love and I don’t want to get hurt again. I get it. I do. You’ve witnessed firsthand the crazy shit I’ve been through and that is just the top layer. You don’t think this scares me. Us. I’m supposed to trust my heart, which right now is having me chase you around like a fool. I’m supposed to give in and trust my instincts that tell me not to let you go. I’m putting myself on the line here too you know, and I just need you to meet me halfway.”

This is a sexy, emotional journey that a lot of couples go through. Do I trust? Can I love again? Will the other person give me what I need in a relationship? In this story, these two characters have personal issues that they both are dealing with, and it just seems that one character won't give in through out the process. I hope you enjoy the reading journey with James King and Emily Monroe and all the other fantastic characters in this read.

Rating: 18+ Adult Language, Sex Scenes