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"J Raygoza's characters are refreshing in comparison to traditional takes on vampires."-Aaleize A.

"This book was so amazing and I had it read in one day, I just couldn't put it down."- Amy S.
"I read this book in a matter of hours. Love love love the story."- Kathleen R.
"Raygoza has a great writing skill that keeps the reader interested in what they are reading. "- Alex L.
"This book was so good I didn't want to stop reading it. I recommend any one who likes this the genre of books to read this one you will for sure love it"- Shellie H.
"I really enjoyed this fresh new look at vampires, their culture ways , love and lives.
In the past I have read some vampire books that have been modeled a little bit to closely to the twilight books.
This book  is nothing like I have ever read!"- Charlie and Mel's Book Reviews
"The book was very well written. I related with the characters and pulled for them. There was love, fighting, deceit, rivalry, and more. I couldn't wait to read the second one and find out what happened next."- BadKat
Great book, great characters!! This was a fast read, I really enjoyed it. There was non stop action, there were some twists. WOW! Loved this story!- Jenny B
The story, it's good and even though it's a bit fast, everything is there.
I love how things went and the way it ended,
gah!! I loved it.. It's unexpected and I liked it.- Myra E.
One word: Caleb! Book boyfriend? Pfft. That doesn't cover it. Book husband? (Is that a thing??) That sexy beast (Caleb) can bite me any day. And of course the story line was amazeballs. (Yes, I said amazeballs, that itself is proof this book is great!) I don't read a lot of vampire books. After reading the Twilight books, I lost faith in humanity. (I mean really? Sparkling vamps?) But there's no need to worry about that in Jen's book! Nothing but sexiness.-Barbara D.